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Excursion program

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Excursion program

Tours take place on January 5th.

1.    Luxor VIP tour from Hurghada 1 day

Program: departure from Hurghada on a comfortable air-conditioned bus. A visit to the Karnak temple, a boat trip on the Nile, lunch at a cafe on the banks of the Nile (à la carte), a visit to the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut and  Memnon Colossi, return to Hurghada around 21:00.Also, in addition, it is possible to visit the Howard Carter’s House, which contains all the belongings of the great archaeologist and all the old furnishings of the house, as well as a complete copy of the Tutankhamen Tomb, discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 - almost 100 years ago!

2. The oldest monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul from Hurghada 1 day

We invite everyone to a unique one-day trip from Hurghada to the places of world Christian pilgrimage founded in the 4th century and still active monasteries! The monastery of St. Anthony was founded in 356 at the burial place of the great hermit, the founder and father of monasticism - Anthony the Great, located 300 kilometers from Hurghada, in the oasis of the Eastern Desert of Egypt, hidden in the mountains of the Red Sea. Accompanied by monks we will learn the history of these unique places and visit ancient and modern churches, where you can pray and submit little notes for health, for the rest, holy sources, where you can get holy water, monastic facilities and shops located in the monasteries, where you can buy candles, icons, church wine, olive oil, honey in honeycombs and other products produced on the monastic farm.


3. Horse riding through the forest, along the seashore, through the desert from Hurghada for 1-2 hours

Winter is the time to get in the saddle in Egypt. There is no exhausting heat, the air is invigorating and fresh, the cool breeze sings in the tops of our wonderful forest and in the vast desert. The open space calls and beckons to merge with it in a single stream and release all worldly affairs and troubles.Restarting the soul happens to us, because we know how to change your life for the better.In the New Year with new impressions - this is the motto of those who have not tried yet to mount a horse but really want it.On a horse in the New Year - is the motto of those who have already learned the whole inexpressible range of feelings on a horse.


4. Snorkeling and relaxing on the beach in Sharm el-Naga from Hurghada 1 day


Sharm el-Naga resort is famous for its beautiful coral reefs and crystal clear waters.

Due to the fact that Sharm el-Naga is located just 40 km from Hurghada you have a unique opportunity to make a trip there for the whole day.

You will enjoy a spacious well-kept sandy beach, swim and snorkel unlimited time on a huge protected house reef which amazes by a variety of underwater life! You have never done such snorkeling before!he beach will also delight you and your children with a small swimming pool, a playground, a restaurant with a proper lunch, a bar with a variety of soft drinks and other necessary amenities.

 Sharm el-Naga – is a real heaven on Earth in the Red Sea!


5. Diving

Discover the space. Touch another dimension.

Scuba diving for children from 10 years and adults is an absolutely unique bouquet of impressions that are not comparable with the underwater world discoveries from the surface.

Feel yourselves under water, sense personal involvement in the underwater life - emotions that you will remember forever!A variety of multicolored corals, colorful reef fish and other marine life will make you feel like a hero from the “Odyssey” by Cousteau!


You will go by the boat for the sea trip, dive on the best reefs of Hurghada and surroundings, have a delicious lunch onboard and get the loads of new impressions!



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